Thursday, August 15, 2013

The interwebs

Internet usage. It's been the bane of my existence for as long as I can remember. It's gotten me through some tough times, though. The information I am available to and the hours of keeping myself occupied can be some of its benefits; all the while, I still have this deep seeded feeling that I could be more productive, or that I could be spending less time on mindless goop and more time with God.

At the end of every day, I pray to God, or think about Him on my bed and say, "I'm sorry...for not...spending as much time with I should." It is slightly heart-wrenching for lack of a better word. I do it consistently and never make any moves to change my behavior.

I read an article in Set Apart Girl, a magazine for Christian women, and it convicted me so much. It talked about social media usage and how idle and empty it can be. How vain it can be. How idolatrous. Oooh...the thing everyone's doing? The thing that seems so harmless? The thing that fills up my time? The thing that I use to compare myself to other women? The thing I use to whine and complain about my life? The thing I use to spend hours laughing at things that don't matter? Or worrying about clothes, or boys, or fashion, or any other thing that makes me care more about the world than I do my spiritual health, or the health of my mother, or the needs of my household? I mean, sometimes I spend hours on internet and get angry with my mother for interrupting me to help her clean or something. It's really not good. 

I didn't want to see myself. I didn't want to see that it's something that I genuinely need to THINK about, PONDER and EVALUATE. I need to make some changes. It took that article for me to see that man, maybe all these years, God has been trying to pull me away from the internet?? Hhhmm...

I don't want to eradicate myself from it completely. I mean, I'm writing in a blog right now, for crying out loud...but I do want to limit my usage of the net and spend my time doing other things that could be more doing my chores consistently, reading books, reading the Bible, spending more time with God, figuring out times to hang out with other people from my church, helping my mother without getting angry whenever she calls, just sitting down and not doing anything at all. 

There's so much more I could say about this subject; about how the internet is both a curse and a blessing. I guess, with anything as massive as the internet, and as important as it's great to practice limits so that it doesn't become more of a curse than it is a blessing. I can't lie! The internet has opened my eyes to many a good things but it's time to shut down my laptop for more days than just a few...and it's time to stop wasting time on things that are kind of meaningless and that are more meaningful. 

I will continue to use different social media outlets, but I will use them a lot less and be more intentional with my usage. 

Hopefully you can think about doing the same.




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