Thursday, January 17, 2013

No confidence in the flesh...


It's been so long! I guess, I have been busy and a little bit distracted. Anyway, my birthday just passed on the 11th and I am 24 years old now. With that came a whirlwind of emotions and confusion, as well as a hurricane of love that was ushered in from my Father. When I could only see problems He just really reminded me of how blessed I truly am with my physical family and the spiritual friends and family that I do have. I am so encouraged to say that His love is very strong and I am so happy that He has held me up this long! He lives in me and I can't believe how my sinful nature in all its self-pitying glory has not conquered me. I feel fine, I feel at peace, and that is only because every time I tried to look at my problem God put His hand on my face and lifted my eyes back up to Him.

My whole church is fasting together until the 30th of this month and I love it because it really is something I don't do often enough. I can't wait to see the changes God will bring to us because we are fasting together. I won't share what I am fasting from but during my fast so far I have learned how insidious pride really is and how humility is so important not just in the eyes of God but in life. The things that I have put away have been a source of pride for me albeit a small source and I am so glad that it's not even in my life anymore at this point. I like how I am feeling without those things in my life. I want to make this a steady practice of mine. I want to put my confidence in God and what He can do, not in my flesh and what I think I can accomplish or prove to the world, or even prove to myself. I am worthy only because God says I am through Christ and there's no need to prove that at all by me because it's proven in His Word.

If there's anything I want to say to young men and women, it's that we must be our best and once we achieve our best, let's not compare ourselves to the world or anyone else any longer. Let us not feed into the things that pump up our pride or fuel this need to be confident in our own flesh, let us lay those things down and turn to the belief that God is our Protector, He is our Healer, He is the One who has a good plan in mind for us as we pursue Him.

Let's just learn to rely on Him, don't go looking in the mirror on how you can improve yourself more to achieve some standard you have set for yourself that is impossible to achieve or even maintain; let's put our confidence in the Father who has made you the way you are for a reason and accept it and draw from Him for confidence.

Don't let those confident stares from other women make you feel bad about who you are, women who honor their own beauty in haughtiness and make you feel less than about yourself, draw from that quiet confidence that comes from God, knowing that He loves you and that whatever beauty is supposed to bring, He will bring you that and so much more, because God is greater than beauty. He will get His glory from your life and your faith and just by being who He made you to be.

Yes, life can be scary, very scary... especially when you feel inadequate but feelings of inadequacy are often blessings in disguise because they push us to rely on God and pursue Him that much more and put our faith in Him that much more.

I purchased a ticket to see Heavy & Light put on by To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit benefiting those who struggle with emotional issues (99% of human life) and I can't wait to see Jon Foreman perform live! He is a great songwriter and musician and I will be totally, totally amazed. I know I will be, I can't wait! January 30th!


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