Sunday, January 6, 2013

learning to listen, learning to change, learning to learn

well, i was supposed to create a post listing all i have learned in 2012. i am doing that now. at 2 in the morning the night before church. haha. im not going to want to get up in the morning, but if God is willing, i will. no worries at all... :) i was sick on thursday, throwing up and thwarted plans, but i know God is the Ultimate Planner, am i right? He allowed me to get sick and i am so thankful for what He allows. being sick wasn't the end of my world; although, i would have loved to meet with the people i had planned to see. i love them! so much. anyway, let's get on with what i have learned or principles i have finally come to umderstand and truly get right in my heart:

1. how to set boundaries, the importance of honesty in all relationships to test the strength of those relationships, get a backbone!
2. the importance of faith in Jesus alone that makes us worthy of grace, nothing that we do can make us worthy of grace or forgiveness; so don't hold the faults of other Christians against them in your heart...their faith in God alone makes them beautiful because it shows that they fundamentally want what is good
3. we don't deserve anything good. we can only be prepared for blessings and goodness. God does the preparing
4. let God write your love story and honor your heart, feelings, body for your future spouse. reserve those parts of yourself for that special person.
5. make prayer journals!!
6. only Jesus understands the pain of other people, we will never fully understand, so never say "i know how you feel" to someone
7. you never know it all. never. you're never going to arrive. there will always be something new to learn.

if there is anything more i can add later, i will, i have to look through my journals. anyway, thats a goal of mine this year... to write down everything i learn this year for the next. only new things of course or concepts that have finally been driven into my heart and understanding.

forgive me for how late this is.

God bless,


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